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California Inline Skating,
the Complete Guide
to the best places to skate

Glide, slalom and figure-eight your way through the state with me,Liz Miller. I'll guide you through 300 of the best places to skate in California. Covering more than 1,140 miles of prime pavement, California In-line Skating takes you from the rugged Humboldt County coast and the Yosemite Valley floor to the Venice Beach boardwalk and the San Diego Embarcadero, with plenty of ocean front paths, back country roads, lakeside loops, and smooth parking lots in between. Ratings for scenic beauty, as well as skill level and pavement quality are given for each destination. Inside you'll find:

California In-line Skating is a great resource for skaters of all levels....Liz Miller's enthusiasm for the sport is contagious; every page motivates skaters to get outdoors.

Beth Howard, co-host of the In-line America TV show and senior editor of Sports Traveler magazine.