Switching to Two Wheels

After 20 years as a formal publication and the voice of Get Rolling, the quarterly Get Rolling Orbit Inline Skating Newsletter is going into quiet retirement.

What does this mean?

  • There will be no more mailing list and no more email announcements.
  • People who follow Get Rolling with Liz Miller on Facebook or Sk8teacher on Twitter will continue to have access to my posts there.
  • Orbit archives prior to May 2010 (when I started using WordPress) will still be available on GetRolling.com.
  • With social media delivering my communications whenever I have something to say or share, the GetRolling home page will change less frequently, at least for now.

What’s next?

  • Last year I retired from active teaching but I still continue to support the Skate Instructors Association (SkateIA)
  • I will continue assessing and supporting inline brake technologies that I believe deserve a place in the market.
  • I will continue to add blog posts whenever I have something to say, but likely my articles will be more about fitness, biking and adventurous vacations.
  • Similar to when I started skating in 1982, I am now pursuing mastery on my new road bike. I have a performance bike and try to maintain a “performance body,” but I am years behind in bike handling experience and confidence, with 2/3 of my expected lifespan already gone. My keys to  road biking success are not so different from when I was learning to skate. Incremental improvements come from:
    • the positive feedback of minor improvements every time I ride
    • the desire to not look like a geek and to keep up with biking buddies
    • many quality hours on the bike and muscle memory drilling (practice, practice, practice!)

I’d love it if you want to continue following the next 20 years of my active lifestyle  through Facebook or Twitter. If not, it’s been spectacular and wonderful having all of you in my life!

45684_511439348903022_1552890913_nLiz Miller
Author of Get Rolling and Advanced Inline Skating
Beginner help: www.GetRolling.com
California Trails: www.CASkating.com


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