Free and Easy High, Get Yours Today

Me: “You know how I react under the influence of endorphins, right?”

Him: “Yeah, phew, every morning after your workout!”

Me: “Yesterday I had another shower epiphany after spin class. I was like ‘Wow, I love how I feel so self righteous! I’m such a wonderful person! I’m all set for a great day! Exercise is so great for a person’s self esteem.”

Him: “Mmm hmm.”

Me: “And then I was sharing this thought with another lady in the locker room (poor thing), saying, ‘Man, if only I could bottle this stuff! It would be so great if I could share my overabundance of feeling good with somebody else who really needs it!'”

Me continuing: “I mean, it would be so great if I could give you a shot of it! I know you’ve always said that to you ‘Exercise is a 4-letter word.’ But maybe you should start taking a daily walk around the block and get some of your own?”

Him: “Hah! Endorphins are just another drug!”

Me: “Yes, you’re right, but it’s a great one!”

But I should have also said to him: “And it’s free and so easy to get!”

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