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Advanced In-Line Skating
by Liz Miller

This book is out of print until Get Rolling Books decides to update and publish a 2nd edition.

This book is the next step for America's approximately 32 million in-line skaters--participants in the second fastest-growing sport in the world in 1998. According to the director of the International In-Line Skating Association (IISA), by the year 2010 the number of in-line skaters will equal that of bicyclists.

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Advanced In-Line Skating is the answer for that rapidly growing number of skaters who have mastered the basics and are looking to expand their horizons and move from rinks and smooth pathways into the real world and all it can throw at them. Advanced In-Line Skating covers everything you need to know about:

This book also covers in detail what to look for in gear and supplies; and tips on everything from foot care to treating "road rash." The information in Advanced In-Line Skating is presented in an easy-to-use lesson format with a friendly, laid-back style that's inviting to all adults and older children.

Something for Everybody

Advanced Inline Skating is the ideal roadmap to new adventures on inline skates, no matter which route you choose. Along with a brief history, required gear and a list of key skills, all chapters save Chapter 1 include a Dialect section where you'll find definitions of commonly used terms. Roll Model sidebars include personal stories or enlightening information offered by recognized experts. Resources at the end of each chapter point you to more information about related organizations, publications, web sites, and instructional help.

Part One introduces lifestyle activities to be enjoyed by the avid skater and the gear and skills that support them. If you are one of the skating majority who is not interested in competitive activities, these chapters offer a logical progression in abilities and experience guaranteed to expand your skating horizons. On the way, you'll learn how to skate farther and faster with less work, and discover a world of new opportunities for adventure and friendship.

Part Two is for people eager to move beyond lifestyle skating to more extreme or competitive pursuits. You'll find the gear, key skills, terminology, and other entry level information that will prepare you to safely and knowledgeably join others who can help speed your progress. Where noted, skills, training methods or entire chapters from Part One are prerequisites.

If you're torn between this book and Get Rolling, see Bob Cardone's review for the LondonSkaters web site. He suggests that even if you're about to buy your first pair of inline skates, you could still get an excellent start by buying Advanced Inline Skating right off the bat.

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