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Greg Lemond's Complete Book of Bicycling
The essential guide for all "roadies!"
by Greg Lemond, Kent Gordis
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What We Think:

Greg takes us on a ride from his days as a freestyle skier at Lake Tahoe to winning the Tour de France. His inside look at the politics of professional team racing is intriguing. Along the way he covers buying, sizing, and maintaining a bike, riding technique, building a training program, and even diet.

His training program took me from a weekend "tooler" to a hard charging rider. If you are serious about bicycle riding, this is a must-have book.

Published in 1990, the equipment is somewhat dated, but the basics still apply.

Mountain Bike : A Manual of Beginning to Advanced Technique
A serious Riders Guide disguised as a Comic Book!
by William Nealy
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What We Think:

This totally hand-drawn and hand-lettered book is a hilarious but very informative guide to mountain bike riding technique. Nealy disguises his depth of knowledge behind a irreverent sense of humor.

There are definitely some tricks in here I'll never try. None-the-less, I've improved my technical riding considerably by practicing his techniques.

Published in 1992, the book is somewhat dated in the fast changing bike world, but it is still well worth owning.

Also look for his In-Line skating book.