Photos: 5-week Winter Vacation in Chile

At the time of our August/September 2018 visit to Chile, we were on the verge of retirement. The goal of this trip was to explore living in Santiago for the skiing in the Andes, and get a taste of everyday life in a foreign-language country. Unfortunately, climate change, ski logistics and the language barrier put an end to the future expats plan. As you can see by the list below, many excursions helped us make the most of our visit:

  1. Santiago’s Providencia, El Centro and Bella Vista
  2. Skiing at Valle Nevado in the Andes
  3. Active Lifestyles in Santiago
  4. Vina del Mar, Valparaiso and Casablanca
  5. Santa Cruz Wine Region
  6. Santa Cruz Winery Tour in Valle de Apalta
  7. Atacama: San Pedro de Atacama and Casa Sorbac
  8. Atacama: Valle de la Luna + Laguna Cejar + Ojos del Salar
  9. Atacama: Geiser Tatio + Trekking de Guatín + Termas de Puritama
  10. Atacama: Pucara + Baltinache + Cordillera de Sal + Mirador
  11. Atacama: Laguna Miscanti  + Laguna Chaxa + Toconao
  12. Independence Day Fiestas

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