Rough Day for a Beginner Road Biker

When I first started inline skating, I was uncoordinated and erratic on those eight little wheels for a long time. But I was motivated enough to be patient. I remember it took about 20 hours of skating 2-3 times a week before I felt like I didn’t look like a geek, but only as long as I was just moving forward and making wide turns. Learning to stop? That was another 9 months later.

So this bike thing? I’m a lot like a novice inline skater who decided to start out on speed skates instead of entry-level recreational skates.

No hybrid starter bike for me!

Now that I’ve got my new high-end road bike (at my request, mind you), I am hoping 20 hours will be enough! I definitely lack coordination and confidence. It doesn’t help that I’m using clipless bindings, which actually means I am attached to the pedals. That’s not easy to get used to, especially when you forget you’re locked on when rolling up to a stop sign. At least the nice bike shop man put them on the easiest release setting for me.



On Sunday I was practicing riding around my neighborhood. I felt pretty good when I survived my stop sign pedal mishap unscathed, though I had to drop the bike and leap away.

We have a nice loop featuring a short steep hill, four corners and a long, gradual descent. It’s a piece of cake on my inline skates in either direction. What got me in trouble was when I left the loop and thought I was ready to stick out my arm to make a turn signal. Wham, bam!! My crash involved many body parts! Now I need a new helmet — but I think my hip and limbs will heal just fine.

Screen capture of facebook comments

My Facebook friends are so helpful! Andrea and Michael are talking about rollerblading, by the way.

My Facebook pals gave me some pretty funny feedback when I posted the above photo. Meanwhile, I’m a third of the way  through Every Woman’s Guide to Cycling.

Of course reading is not going to give me the skills and confidence I’ll get from 20 hours of riding.

No more turn signals for the near future though!

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