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I can’t believe it’s been five years since I tested Alex Bellehumeur’s impressive cuff-activated disc braking technology, currently named the 4XS system. Why isn’t this system available on inline skates yet? Because manufacturers just don’t get it. They underestimate how much and how many people care about staying in control of gravity and momentum when they’re inline skating.

My efforts to support Alex’s attempts to get the 4XS into production have probably helped raise awareness a little, but have not yet resulted in improving the safety of our current technology:

  • I wrote “The Brake of My Dreams” in 2007 and continue to update this article from Alex’s emailed reports.
  • I summarized a comparison of all of my Brake Test Results showing the 4XS as a clear winner over other technologies.
  • I created a Facebook page to socialize the 4XS technology.
  • I published a YouTube video to demonstrate the 4XS in action.

But we’re still waiting!

After two years of hearing skates with the 4XS brake will be on the market in the coming year — from two manufacturers — we are still waiting–and waiting, and waiting.

“[company x] continues to be a very poor communicator,” inventor Alex Bellehumeur reported recently. “This is very frustrating and I would like to begin exposing the product broadly. It would be helpful if you could provide me with contact names for any other candidates who might want to license the 4XS.”

Calling all skaters and their social networks

What if every member of every skating community sent out a query for contacts who are connected, passionate or funded enough to make a difference?

Whether you are a curious inline beginner, a member of an active skate community or somebody who would love the extra confidence while screaming downhill at top speed, I am asking you to search through your list of friends and contacts to share via email to Alex.

At the very least:

  • Submit a statement of support on the Alex’s Contact page and in return for your interest, you will receive a discounted price as one of the very first to experience this incredible breakthrough.
  • Become a fan on Facebook and invite your friends to join you.

Thank you! The results of our combined efforts could make a dramatic improvement for skaters and skating everywhere.

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