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California Outdoor Rollerskating Association (C.O.R.A.)

Join a weekend of rolling fun and help Reboot Outdoor Skating on April 8, 9 & 10, 2011 in San Francisco!

C.O.R.A. the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association, is presenting a weekend of skating activities intended to mark a new beginning in the development of recreational and fitness skating in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond. Planned activities include the infamous Friday Night Skate, Saturday seminars, Saturday Night Roller Disco and Sunday Streets. To top it off, there will be a Guinness World Record attempt: the World’s Longest Skating Serpentine (a line of skaters linked hand to hand).

C.O.R.A.’s extended-weekend goals are to:

  • Present an exciting San Francisco skate weekend
  • Renew interest in outdoor roller and inline skating by showing interested participants how they can duplicate C.O.R.A.’s efforts in their own communities by getting involved
  • Raise money for C.O.R.A. activities, build membership and skater participation in C.O.R.A. events, expand participation in the C.O.R.A. SkateFit Program and establish alliances between C.O.R.A. and other skating-related business and organizations

“This New Beginning skate weekend is not the same kind of skate event we have been exposed to here in San Francisco,” says C.O.R.A. founder David Miles, known to many as the Godfather of Skate. “If it had to be put in a category, it is more like what you would experience in an event like the Great EsSkate in Florida, only this event is designed for the participants to leave with the tools to build on the experience where they live, or join with us as we move forward. The main point of this weekend is to unify efforts of skaters and establish a new beginning.  It is open to anyone willing to get involved and limited only to your imagination.”

Miles adds, “If there is anything else happening that generates interest in new skaters like we are advocating, we don’t know of it.  We (C.O.R.A.) have taken the position that we can make this happen, and any skater, company or business that wants to see our sport thrive is invited to participate.  C.O.R.A. is a true 501c4 non profit organization.  We need help and we are offering skate groups everywhere an opportunity to learn how to become self sufficient and how to make skating grow where they live. “

Find a detailed itinerary of events, seminars and more on the C.O.R.A. REBOOT!!!!!  OUTDOOR SKATING 2.0 ROLLER / INLINE SKATE WEEKEND IN SAN FRANCISCO web page.

About the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association

The mission of C.O.R.A. is to strongly raise awareness of the positive aspects skating can bring into the lives of youth and adults and to give people a fun, healthy skating experience people can enjoy.  Over the years, we have been consistent in our efforts by promoting hundreds of skating events, races, competitions, parades, parties and much more to make the San Francisco Bay Area a great skating city. California Outdoor Rollersports Association has worked for many years to promote the concept of “recreational asphalt,”  when cars are removed from the roadway so that people can use it to walk, run, ride their bikes, roller skate and inline skate.

Over the years, C.O.R.A. has been consistent in its efforts by promoting hundreds of skating events, races, competitions, parades, parties and much more to make the San Francisco Bay Area a great skating city.

About Sunday Streets

Introduced by Mayor Newsom in 2008, Sunday Streets started with two events in 2008, expanding to six events in 2009. By 2010, nine Sunday Streets events covered five different routes around the city, with longer car-free stretches and program hours, attracting 15,000-20,000 participants per event.

On Sunday, April 10, 2011, C.O.R.A. will be joining with San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), Livable City, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Shape Up SF, Kaiser Permanente, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, California Pacific Medical Center, AT & T, and a host of other civic groups, businesses and community-based organizations to present Sunday Streets San Francisco.

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