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My southern California pal Debbie Merrill (instructor to the stars!) is on a de-cluttering mission. Lucky for my skating friends, she wants to offload her extra gear in the photos below. She asked me to help sell three pairs of pristine Rollerblade brand skates plus other gently used skates (all ladies size six) and a pair of figure skating frames. Her beloved, one-of-a-kind custom Fila skates are still practically new.

These are not your toy-store skates. They are the quality  and brands I recommend myself, and typically sell for about $200 – $350. Debbie is asking $150 or your best offer. Please contact her directly if you are ready to make a serious offer.

More details about the skates and Debbie’s contact details are below the photos. Click a photo to see the entire and larger version on a new browser page. Click the larger version to examine the full size image closely.

Rollerblade Activa TPS — Green and silver, brand new size 6 with a great heel brake, pull-up lacing system, soft mesh boot. Great for recreational beginners, advanced beginners, or intermediate skaters.  Retails at $200; Debbie will take best offer.

Fila skates — Used only twice, 76 milometer wheels,  size 6, featuring a very hard and supportive leather boot, aluminum frame, lace-up with Velcro strap. These skates were custom, one-of-a kind and no longer found or sold. Retailed at $350; Debbie will take best offer.

Rollerblade Twisters — Brand new size 6 with shock absorber, 76 millimeter wheels, ABEC 6 bearings,  hard shell with laces and and buckle. Debbie and I both enjoyed the Twister which is good for beginners and coned slalom courses. Retails at $250; Debbie will take best offer.

Rollerblade Problade Junior — Brand new in sexy red, white and silver, these are designed for speed.  Features 84 millimeter wheels, and a low cut, hard  leather boot with an aluminum frame and ABEC 8 bearings. A great value retailing at $350; Debbie will take best offer.

Viroll quad 4-wheel skate — Brand new, featuring a ventilated soft shell with strap and clip,  gigantic 100 millimeter wheels, and rubber toe brake  in front. Good for off road and recreational skating. Retails $300; Debbie will take best offer.

Aluminum frame and wheels only — Great for figure skating and toe jumps, featuring a rubber stop in front, mount on any boot or ice skate. Retailed for $200; Debbie will take best offer.

Landroller skate — Brand new size 6, designed for off-road (dirt) skating. Features a lightweight aluminum frame, high proficiency polyurethane tires, low resistance bearings, air ventilation system built into the boot with reflector feature on sides. Retails for approximately $350; Debbie will take best offer.

Debbie Merrill
Skate Great USA School of Skating
PO Box 3452
Santa Monica, Ca 90408
(888) 866-6121

Check out Debbie’s New book, The Raw Truth to the Fountain of Youth at:

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