Meet Staci Stance, Model

After over 15 years of teaching inline skaters, I have honed the instructions in my lessons to a toolkit of the most effective words and demonstrations. But once the lesson is over and my students have gone home, I can’t give feedback and tips about how to get the most from their skate practice sessions. On the trails, I see skaters who have no idea that they could be going a lot faster or farther with just a couple of  minor adjustments to their skating posture.

Plastic artist model demonstrating heel brake stance
Staci Stance demonstrates heel braking

I now have a willing (if improbably proportioned) model to demonstrate the most common ineffective skating postures alongside the desired ones.

In future postings, you will see Staci Stance in the proper skating ready position and braking stances (good and bad). She will also model the scissors, the basic “A-frame” turn, and a variety of striding postures. Her lack of protective gear can be forgiven because she is not wearing wheels on her feet!

It is my hope that these photographs will inspire my readers to evaluate their habitual skating stances and see if there is room for improvement. Of course I will add links to related instruction articles on to guide anybody who is interested to improve.


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