Northern Iron Horse Trail Update

Today we skated the Iron Horse Trail section that extends from Rudgear road to Monument Boulevard and back. (See a complete write up of Iron Horse Regional Trail North on We started near the upgraded staging area at Rudgear, with its benches and a water fountain, completed in late 2009. Lots of happy trail users were out enjoying the beautiful morning in Walnut Creek.

On this northern portion of the Iron Horse, the surface is generally in good condition except for one section alongside Walnut Creek which continues to degrade. The wash-boarding is bad enough to knock a skater down or to throw a bicyclist off her bike. It’s about time the city or the park district did something about this growing hazard.

The biggest change now is near the Pleasant Hill BART station, where a beautiful new pedestrian bridge has been built over Treat Boulevard.


New bridge under construction in Walnut Creek CA

The Trail near the BART station is smooth and nicely landscaped. The new apartments nearby are a welcome addition to the area. It is nice to see smart urban infill in action.

When this post was originally written, skaters had to watch for a path just north of the bridge construction where a 90-degree turn to the right returned to the regular trail. Because the turn wasn’t well signed, Dan went straight and rolled off onto a gravel path. Fortunately, no mishaps or road rash resulted from that! And now, of course, the bridge is in use, making the detour unnecessary.

Enjoy your skating on the Iron Horse – we are!

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