Specialty Gear: the Skater’s Coach

Skater's Coach logoA product called the Skaters Coach (TM) is available to make inline skating accessible to aging skaters who are still competent with the basic stride and able to effectively use the heel brake but can no longer afford to fall down. Curious? Watch a (helmetless) skater using the Skaters Coach in this video.

Inventor Tom Demme is in the over-60s age group. As he explains it, “I had a need for fitness after my total knee replacements. Now I still use my Skaters Coach when skating every week, simply because I cannot afford to be injured and miss work.  It makes me feel safe and secure from falling. I use it down by the lakefront in Chicago and it’s fun.” He says that most of his buyers are skaters over the age of 60 who want to continue the sport.

After testing the SkatersCoach myself, I feel it is important to stress that due to the highly responsive steering and minimally effective brakes, this is not a solution for beginning skaters or those with balance problems. Also, even the most competent skaters should read and fully comply with the safety literature packaged with the SkatersCoach.

Skaters Coach skating stability device
Skaters Coach stability device (click to enlarge)

Ordering info: Because this product is well made (in America), the cost to buy your own Skaters Coach is a little steep at $599. But it’s a one-time purchase designed to be used for years. Strange as it may seem to many of today’s avid skaters, those of advancing years who have grown to love the sport  are willing to pay this amount for the extra security it offers.

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From the Skaters Coach testimonials:

“I am 67 years old and have not ice skated since I was a kid, but loved it then, I have only had the skaters coach for a week, but just love it, I have all the safety stuff on but I am up to about 3 miles a day increasing .5 a day, I would have fallen a few times, going over paper and stuff on the road. No falling here! I feel very, very safe and it is fun.”

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